Thursday, May 24, 2018

4 things that happened when I gave up sugar for 30 days

Pretty sure I'm the last person anyone would think would give up sugar for 30 days.  I've loved sugar forever.  We're BFFs.  My Mom also had a sweet tooth, and loved making desserts when I was a kid & I don't think we've ever had a celebration, extended family dinner or holiday without something sugary at the center.  Andrew & I often have nibble candy on weeknights.  We keep sodas in the house.  I am always up for an office donut or an afternoon coffee with a slice of cake.  New ice cream shop?  Count me in!   

I didn't think I could do it, but somehow, I did it.  For the month of April, I gave up sugar (with the exception of fruit).  Here's what happened...

1.  Nothing.  

No weight loss (boo!) but no headaches or withdraws (yeah!).  I really expected both of those things to happen, and I have to be honest, I was kinda bummed to not lose anything.  But, I did allow myself several savory treats because I was being so 'good' & I think that's why I didn't see a difference on the scale.

I was so thankful to not have any headaches, hugely intense cravings or any other gnarly symptoms.  I was a little more tired than normal, but that was the only downside I noticed.  And that could just be due to work being busier than normal in April.  My sugar consumption had gotten way outta control and I fully expected to be a rage monster when I gave up the sweet stuff. 

2.  It was easier than I expected.  

ALOT easier.  I fully intended this to be freaking hard.  And while it wasn't a breeze, I quickly got into the habit of telling myself no.  I had to remind myself like, 15 times a day, but I was able to walk away, or pull my hand back without feeling super deprived.

One thing that I think really helped was telling my co-workers.  They were amazing through the whole journey, cheering me to keep going, telling me I was doing good.  It helped tremendously. 
I also had one planned cheat.  At work, we had an appreciation ice cream social planned around the middle of April, and I told myself it was my one allowance.  Having that treat to look forward to helped me say no to the leftover cake or store bought cookies, that wouldn't taste as good as that Amy's Mexican Vanilla scoop  with hot fudge & sprinkles was going to.  I may have planned exactly what I was going to have a couple of weeks before the event.  I'm only human!

3. I proved to myself that I can accomplish something if I really want it.

Normally, I'm the queen of good intentions and bad follow-through with personal goals.  I can come up with a fool-proof plan, but when it comes to really doing the work, I blow it.  Quickly, I lose my motivation, or I'll forget to meal prep for a day and it's all downhill faster than you can say 'Cookies in the breakroom!'    

Giving up sweet treats for a month is really hard for a sugar-holic like myself, but I have to say I'm really happy that I set an intention and succeeded!  I really wanted a win and I was able to get it.  I have high hopes that it'll keep me motivated to move forward with other healthy habits. 

4. It's way too easy to hop back on the sugar train.  

I celebrated my first week after the 30 sugarless days with my favorite Godiva chocolate truffles, cookies & cupcakes from the new Lamar location of Hayley Cakes & Cookies & a pint of ice cream from the grocery store.  Damn.  That's probably not how it should've gone.  To keep myself from going overboard on the sweet stuff again, I have plans of going sugar free three or four days each week from now on.  Because eating cookies for breakfast is easier than you think.