Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry, merry 2016

Merry Christmas!  Here's a little peak into how the holiday went for us.

It's been a little crazy around here, as I'm sure most of you can agree, the holiday season can be hectic!  It also seems like both Andrew & I have had less time off this year, which I think is making everything feel just a little more nuts.

But, we've had a great Christmas & I'm excited about heading back out to West Texas to celebrate a little more this weekend.  Here's a little bit of the food & fun we've been up to...

Indulging in a little Via 313 with friends to start things off right!

We also took every opportunity to drive around looking at lights.  This house in the Barton Hills neighborhood was my favorite.  So magical...

We made sure our tree was in tip, top shape.

And had several cups of hot cocoa.

We trimmed the presents with care.

And got fun treats from office friends.  These cute reindeer cookies were made by my super fly co-worker Coral!

I spent some time at my favorite crafty spot in Austin,  Paper Craft Pantry, planning my vision for an awesome, productive 2017.

I got some fun things for Andrew, & he got me cool i-phone gadgets, wrapped up with self esteem boosting packaging.  I love a good sticker.  :)

I traveled out West, to see my family, make some Christmas candy & bake up my Mom's famous sugar cookies with my sister Brandi.  You can grab the recipe here.  They're soft & fluffy & remind me of home in the best possible way.  

Our family also kept up the Christmas Eve tradition of presents, all you can eat snacks & games.  This year, we played dominoes.

And of course, Christmas Day was spent at my grandmothers, where the game is always spades.  Dad & I lost in the final round of the tournament.  It was a great day.

This year, Andrew stayed in Austin, so he could attend his family's Christmas Eve party.  They always have a theme for the gift exchange & this year was recycle.  Isn't that a fun idea to have a new theme every year?  I love it.  

Nothing could be new & Andrew ended up with the beautiful paintings that were made by his cousin Lucas' uncle.  They are awesome & I can't wait to hang them up.  

I hope your year was wonderful  Here's to more love, joy & HOPE in 2017!


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