Friday, December 23, 2016

Boho Trimmings: Making Your Presents Pop

Happy almost Christmas!  Today, I'm sharing a couple of quick & easy wrapping ideas that'll give your packages some fun, boho flair.

When it comes to getting presents ready, Andrew & I like to take a team approach.  He often wraps the gifts, then I take over & add the fun stuff, bows, feathers, ornaments & just about anything else I can think of & figure out how to secure to the box.

This year, I decided to buy a few color coordinated papers from Target, in black, white, gold & a little blush pink.  I love that they are a little modern, and the colors pair well with any bright trimmings I have around the house.  The best part though, is that I can use all of these throughout the year, not just at holiday time!

This year, instead of the 'curling' ribbon or tulle I often use, I decided to mix it up & go for something more soft & bohemian.  I've been really getting into the eclectic, boho home style & thought that making my gifts look a little more in line with the style would be really fun.

And, I was able to use things that I had hanging out in my craft room.  It's always a plus when I don't have to buy anything new!  I grabbed a bunch of yarn, feathers & a few ribbons from my closet & got to work.  Below are my favorite ideas.

1. Feathers

I keep a big box of feathers, in a variety of sizes, textures & colors on hand at all times in my craft room.  They're pretty versatile & can dress just about anything up.  This is the first year I've used feathers on my Christmas packages & I really love they way they look!

Take some ribbon, yarn or other trimming, wrap it around your  present & then secure it with a bow or even just a knot like in the first picture of this post.  Tuck in a few feathers & you've got a quick, easy & pretty look. 

2. Yarn, all of it!

For alot of these packages, I got really into braiding yarn ropes.  They are fun & just take a few minutes, but I think they bring alot of impact to the packages.  In my yarn stash, I found a fun cream & gold, very textured yarn that I ended up using in most of the braids because I think it added a glittery punch.  

For some presents, I simply wrapped the yarn braid around the box & tied it in a knot, though you can also tie smaller braids into a bow, like the last photo.  I do really love the look in the middle though, which was done by secure a wider gold ribbon to the package first, then I tied the yarn braid on top to create a layered effect.


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