Thursday, December 3, 2015

Buttered Coffee and a new Stinson's Location

When a restaurant's decor is as delicious as the menu, I do a little happy dance.  Food and pretty rooms, two things I absolutely love.  Stinson's newest location, housed in University Park just off of I-35 and 32nd, does not disappoint in either area.  The beautiful black, navy and white design and rich, reclaimed wood serves as the backdrop for craft cocktails, bistro-style bites and an extensive coffee bar, including butter coffee.

Buttered coffee(!)  I have heard the buzz around this eccentric beverage, but never tried it for myself until I visited the new Stinson's location this week.  You guys, it is worth trying.  Cream has always been a must-have in my morning cup, but buttered coffee provides all of the richness without any need for half and half.  And it's really fun.  My cup was decadent and delicious and definitely got me moving.

While we were at Stinson's new digs, we tried their signature appetizer, Tortilla Espanola.  Full of rich layers or luxurious potatoes, it was a true winner and would be a perfect happy hour treat.  The flatbread pizza was also noteworthy.  Crispy crust, topped with a bevy of fresh Mediterranean toppings.  Two for two!  And I loved all the capers!

Everything was so tasty and I loved the fun, bold decor.  I can't wait to check out their breakfast selection, which includes morning paninis, Nitro Iced Coffee, and Liege Waffles.  Yum.


3300 N. IH 35
University Park


'Bonjour' Breakfast served from 6:30 - 11am, Monday - Friday and 7:30am - 12pm Saturday and Sunday

All-Day Bistro Menu available until 10pm Sunday - Thursday, 12am Friday and 1am Saturday


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