Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SnoLabs, A Sweet Summer Treat

Please note that I was invited to sample SnoLabs, as part of an event.  All thoughts & opinions, as always, are honest & my own.  

Even though Austin has had some unseasonably rainy days this Spring/Summer, when the sun has been shining, it's been H-O-T.  Nothing new for Texas, I know.  But it does make me crave icy, cool treats.  If I'm going to have to endure the heat, I need a reward.  A sweet, cold reward.

Last Saturday, I met up with some fellow foodies at the South First Food Court to sample a new-to-me frozen treat, Sno!  Sno Labs has been serving up this Korean ice cream, sno cone hybrid since last year.  Their sno, made with all natural ingredients & no emulsifiers, is shaved using a machine brought all the way from Korea.  Sno is much creamer than a regular snow cone & a little more frozen than ice cream, with a fluffy texture that looks amazing in the bowl & melts beautifully in your mouth.  It's a cold treat you can feel good about indulging in.

There are five Sno Labs flavors to choose from: original, blueberry, green tea, strawberry & vegan coconut. You get your choice of two toppings (a fun mix of Asian toppings & more traditional treat toppers) & an option of a chocolate, caramel or condensed milk drizzle.

My pick for the day was this gorgeous blueberry sno with whipped cream & sprinkles.  Because, you always need sprinkles.  It had a bright pop of fruitiness & was not too sweet, a wonderful combo.

As a table, we also tried the strawberry sno with brownie bites & sprinkles.

We also sampled the vegan coconut sno with coconut shavings, strawberries & a chocolate drizzle.

I loved the blueberry & will definitely be treating myself to future bowls of it, but the coconut was a close second.  My husband will tell you that I have an obsession with all things coconut (except coconut water, yuck!).  This non-dairy option, was really smooth, rich & tasty!

Sno Labs

603 W. Live Oak St.
South 1st Food Court
Austin, TX 78704

Tues. - Thurs. 3 - 9 pm
Friday 3 - 11pm
Saturday 1 - 11pm
Sunday 1 - 5:30pm

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