Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Home Resolutions

It's a new year & that means it's time to set some shiny, new goals for our ever on-going updates, DIYs, etc. for our home. As you may know, we are still pretty fresh to the homeowning game.  We bought our home in May of 2013 & while there was nothing major wrong, (thankfully!) we have lots of small updates & changes we'd like to make.

Check out what our house looked like on move-in day, by reading our home-tour post here.

Our home the first day we got the keys!

I'll be honest, in 2014, we didn't tackle nearly as many home projects as we had hoped, but we still managed to get fresh paint on the walls, fix a few outdated fixtures & settle in a little bit more.  Not to say that there aren't a few 'straggler' boxes left to be unpacked.   

But we're not beating ourselves's a never-ending process, right?  So, in 2015 we're making a of attainable to-dos that will have things looking more like us & less like we just moved in!

1.  Create a fun & cozy bedroom.

Bedding similar to ours (
After months of going back & forth on what color our bedding should be (isn't that always the hardest decision?!?) we finally decided on some sunny yellow bedding, with a small flower/vine design in white.  It's cheerful & contrasts nicely to our grey walls & doesn't totally clash with our light blue bathroom.  What we got is no longer being sold, but the similar to-ours bedding in the picture above can be found here.

Now that we finally picked out some colors (yellow with grey, turquoise & red accents) it's time to get going on some decoration.  I'm hoping to create something really fun & unique to hang over the bed, I want to get some curtains up & I'd love to do some sort of photo display above our big dresser. 

2. Build a grown-up bed. (Or the appearance of one!)

Headboard Tutorial from C.R.A.F.T.

Speaking of our bedroom, we need to grow it up a little bit.  We got a brand new queen mattress, boxspring & frame when we bought our house, but we have yet to put a headboard up.  Nothing like sporting 'college chic', right?  At least we've got a frame & it's not a mattress on the ground, haha!  No, but really, I think a headboard would really go a long way in making our bedroom look a little more sophisticated.  But, the catch is I don't want to pay a fortune for said headboard.  They can get pricey real quick & I'm pretty sure I want something that's covered in fabric, so that if I decide to change my style, it can easily be re-vamped.  This upholstered headboard tutorial from C.R.A.F.T. is pretty, & above all, looks totally do-able.  My furniture skills are still weak y'all.

3. Replace the flooring in the Master Bath.

Charcoal Porcelain Tile from Home Depot

Upon putting an offer in our home, we were told that 'brand new flooring' had just been put in to the Master Bathroom.  About two days after moving in, the 'new' (very questionably new) vinyl floor started peeling.  Ugh.  It's been an eye-sore since the early days of our home ownership & over the last few months has gotten much, much worse.

So, bring on the tile!  I just love the way a tiled floor looks & the wear & tear factor is definitely in our favor if we choose sturdy tile.  I'm loving this charcoal porcelain tile from Home Depot.  It looks modern, but is still neutral enough to go with anything.

4. Hang a Gallery Wall.

Gallery Wall How-To from Love Grows Wild

From day one I've been wanting to create a gallery wall for the wall space along our stairs to the second floor.  Right now the wall is completely bare....& boring.  Hopefully I can achieve that fun combo of personal photos, unique artwork & a little bit of color.  I'm planning on drawing some inspiration from this gallery wall from Love Grows Wild.  And $20?!? Can't beat that!

5. Beautify our outdoor living space.

My Pinterest Board on Outdoor Ideas

Potential is in most of our outdoor space, but it needs some work to really shine.  Big, shady, beautiful fill our backyard, but that means that the leaves & branches can get out of control quickly.  We want to work on getting everything trimmed & cleaned up, but we also want to a few pretty extras like some new fun seating, a few potted plants & maybe get the waterfall/fountain up & running.  When we bought the home it wasn't working & we're not really sure what the issue is.  Hopefully something small!  For some of the ideas I'm milling over, check out my outdoor Pinterest board here.

What's on your list on home to-dos in 2015?


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