Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Crush

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope your holiday is filled with lots of family time, amazing food, low stress levels & someone to wash the dishes!

Since Turkey Day is now, love it or leave it, linked with sales & holiday shopping, I figured it would be a good time to start a new series, letting you know about some of the things I'm currently enamored with & totally crushing on.  You know, those items you pin over & over, keep stocked in your kitchen at all times, DVR every week, stop to stare at in the store....those goodies you find yourself daydreaming about.

Hopefully I'll share some finds you haven't discovered yet.  And please tell me about your current loves, I always like hearing about new things to try!  

Here's my current top 10:

1. Mint Chocolate Anything.  Forget pumpkin spice...that combo does nothing for me.  When there's a chill in the air, load me up with peppermint infused chocolate goodness.  Andes mints, cookies, desserts.  All of it chocolate.  With some mint!  I'm dying to try Cooking Classy's Peppermint Bark Popcorn.

Cooking Classy's Peppermint Bark Popcorn.  Recipe can be found here.

2. Adorable vintage-look recipe boxes.  I love keeping recipes online for convenience & organization, but there's something magical about writing down a recipe in your own handwriting that makes it much more special.  It might even make it taste better too!    

Rifle Paper Company Recipe Box available here

3. Anthropologie's new line of beautiful pieces featuring the work of incredibly talented, Austin artist Starla Michelle.  I have fallen hard over all of the items in this line, but I especially love these sweet dessert plates.  Swoon. 

Starla Michelle Dessert Plates available here

4. Once Upon A Time.  This show is my current go-to marathon on Netflix.  Lots of action, fairy tales, twists & one of my favorites, Gennifer Goodwin.  It's wonderfully suspenseful & so addicting!  I'm just about finished with the episodes on Netflix & have all of the current season waiting on my DVR.  No spoilers, please!

Once Upon A Time, information/new episodes here

5. Another fabulous find from a local artisan.  Hand embroidered necklaces from Poppy and Fern have me hankering for a new babble.  Each one is individual & gorgeous.  One of these is going on my Christmas wish list.  I'm just not sure which one.

Hand embroidered Necklace from Poppy and Fern, etsy shop here

6.  Snowflakes.  All of the snowflakes.  Since seeing the amazingly intricate snowflake ornaments at HomeGoods, I have been hooked.  I picked up these two the first time I popped in, but I think I'll be going back for a few more.  They bring sophisticated sparkle & I can't wait to hang them up.

I found these snowflake ornaments at HomeGoods.

7.  It's been out for a few months, but I still have Ryan Adams' latest, a self-title CD, playing at least once, just about every day.  Anything Ryan Adams puts out is awesome in my book, but this album is really, really good.

Ryan Adam's newest record, available here

8. Adorable 'taxidermy' crocheted cuties from another local find, Nothing But A Pigeon.  I am working on justifying an entire wall of these, but the jellyfish are my favorite.  I think at least one  will find their way to my home soon.

These 'taxidermy' cuties from local Austin artisan Nothing But A Pigeon.  Visit her etsy shop here.

9. Feathers & Gold.  My eye has been immediately drawn to any holiday/home item that is gold or has feathers lately.  I have dreams of draping my tree in white feathers and gold ornaments.  It might not happen this year....but I am still obsessed. 

Glitter Feather Trim available here.

10.  Record players.  I'm not sure why I suddenly want to buy a player & hunt for vintage records, but I desperately do.  I love the sound a song takes on when played from a record.  This vintage inspired number looks lovely.

Crosley Portable Vinyl Record Player available here.


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