Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12 Days of Holiday! Day 4: Dollar Tree JOY Wreath

Items in this post were provided courtesy of Dollar Tree, though all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

My obsession with chalkboard decor has been going strong for a few years now.  I love real chalkboard because you can change messages often, but I also have a warm affinity for things that just 'look' like they're a chalkboard.  The look is just so cheerful & I think a black & white color combo always looks chic.  I also have a huge crush on decor with quotes or words; they just make my heart happy!

Which brings me to day number 4(!) of 12 Days of Holiday: This super cute, fun, sparkly without getting glitter EVERYWHERE chalkboard wreath.  This idea could be adapted to make a last name or any word you want.  It just takes a few minutes to put together....And as an big 'ol bonus, everything I used for this wreath is from Dollar Tree!  So, grand total for this impactful door decor?  5 smackaroos!  That'll put a smile on your face.

To start, gather up your pieces: 3 wreaths (or however many letters for the word you're making), a piece of black poster board, a couple of pipe cleaners (I used gold), a little bit of white paint, a paintbrush & a bit of hot glue.

Take your wreaths, flip them over & arrange them in the order they'll be hanging.  Cut a couple of pipe cleaners into thirds & using two pieces attach two of the wreaths together.  Twist until tight & tuck the ends under.  Repeat until all wreaths are connected.

For the letters, I suggesting using your favorite computer font as a guide.  Type out each letter, making it about as big as an 8.5x11 piece of paper, print it, cut it out & use it as a guide to trace onto your piece of black poster board.  Then cut each letter out.  I decided not to cut out the inside of the 'O' so that it would be more sturdy.

Once you've cut everything out, take a little bit of white paint & a small paintbrush & make 'chalk' marks.  You want the letters to have a hand drawn feel to them, so don't concentrate on perfect.

After allowing the white paint to dry, dab a few drops of hot glue onto the back of each letter & affix to the wreaths.  Let the glue dry for a couple of minutes & you're ready to hang it up!

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