Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Ghoulishly Glitter Halloween with Dollar Tree

The items in this post were provided courtesy of Dollar Tree, though all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own. 

I love Halloween.  I'm not much for donning a costume, but I really enjoy dressing the house up in it's spookiest decor for the holiday.  The dramatic black decorations with pops of bright, bold just makes the house so fun!

When Dollar Tree approached me about sending a box of spooky swag, I howled with delight.  Dollar Tree is one of my absolute favorite stores for craft finds.  They always have a great selection of seasonal gear for making any celebration magical.  And each and every thing is only a dollar.  You don't even have to feel guilty about your holiday haul!     

After spending the weekend with my sister, who never met a glitter item she didn't like, I decided that for this table display, I wanted a little glitz.  Well, maybe a smidge more than 'little.'  But I love it.  I mean gold. glitter. Halloween.  How could it be wrong?!?

I started by picking out a fun skull head and a sweet little pumpkin out my Dollar Tree box & pulling out some glitter paint and a big 'ol container of gold glitter.  Make sure you're working outside or over a surface that you can clean easily, glitter will end up sprinkled over everything!  The process doesn't take nearly as long as you'd think, but it is messy, so be prepared.  Then I got busy brushing on paint over one section of the skull at a time, laying it on thick & immediately sprinkling it with glitter.  Note, don't try to use a foam brush.  I tried on a previous project & it did not work. At all.  Use a bristled brush.  Paint, glitter, repeat, repeat repeat.  I covered the bottom half of the skull, then turned it over to dry for a few hours, came back & painted/glittered the top half so that all that sparkly gold stayed in place.

After glittering this scary skull up, I decided he needed a bewitching flower crown to add an enchanting touch.  I used a bit of sparkly black floral wire, measured it around the skull head and then bent it to create the base of the crown. I took a bunch of Dollar Tree black roses and a few red and pink flowers and figured out the arrangement I wanted.  I decided to take a couple of the leaves from the bunch of black roses & attached them to the backs of the pink & red blooms to make them a bit more Halloween worthy.  I think it added just the right touch.  I put a tiny blob of hot glue between the back of the flower & the front of the leaf piece, just to make sure they stayed together.  Then, positioning each bloom in between the strands of wire, I hot glued each flower in place.  I was not stingy with the hot glue either, making sure to get it into each crevice and corner so the blossoms don't fall out.

After waiting for everything to cool off & dry, I propped the crown on my skeleton head.  A little Dia De Los Muertos, alotta fun!

I then made my way to the pumpkin & his stripes.  While a completely gold pumpkin would be fab, I thought stripes would be fun too.  Turns out I was right!  My sister helped me with this one & we had a blast.  She painted while I was on glitter duty.  It made easy work for both of us.

Dollar Tree made this tablescape so easy.  I just added some jars I had around the house, my favorite white cakes stands and a few of my favorite black babbles for a little extra glitz.  For the bottles of 'potion' I used a little food coloring in water.  I had such a great time putting together this 'Witch's Lair' of fun!

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