Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Byte of Texas in A Few Photos

I had the pleasure of attending Byte of Texas this past weekend at the Bob Bullock Museum, here in Austin & I had so much fun!  And learned quite a few things as well.  The two day long affair was put on by the Austin Food Blogger Alliance & it did not disappoint.

It was a weekend to meet fellow food bloggers, try some delicious treats & most importantly learn from some of the best food writers in the biz.  Below are a few photos of some of the highlights of the event.  Unfortunately, my phone died so I couldn't take any pics of the dinner at Salty Sow, but take my word for it, the food was tasty, the drinks were refreshing & the atmosphere (& weather!) was killer. 

I can't wait to try out the awesome tips, tricks & approaches on the blog, so look for some great things to come!

A beautiful site as I walked into the Bob Bullock on Saturday morning.

Breakfast from Easy Tiger, Zhi Tea & Chameleon Cold-Brew

Mad Betty, Maggie Perkins, Mike Sutter & Michael Barnes speaking on 'Finding Your Own Voice.'

We got a great swag bag full of goodies, including some Wholesome Sweeteners samples!

Addie Broyles (right) interviewing Lisa Fain (left)

Vegan, gluten-free but delicious cupcakes from Skull & Cakebones served as a great snack on Sunday.

Chris Perez, Meredith Bethune, Veronica Meewes & Meghan McCarron discussing 'Writing for other Publications.'

A wonderful quote greeted me on my walk out of the Bob Bullock.  I couldn't agree more!

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