Monday, April 14, 2014

Package Pals (What I Sent)

How was your March?  Mine was great & a big part of that was Package Pals, hosted by C.R.A.F.T. and Stars & Sunshine.  What is Package Pals you ask?

It's a crafty pen pal project for adults!  Through C.R.A.F.T. and Stars & Sunshine I signed up for their twice yearly Package Pals event.  Early in March, all those who signed up where paired via email with another crafter & throughout the month, you exchange notes, getting to know each other & your respective crafting styles, & at the end of the month you send your new pal a fun box of craft supplies, goodies you've made her, or a mix of both.
It's so fun!  And a cool way to meet crafty friends from all over the country.  My Package Pal for March makes her home in New Jersey.  I had a blast getting to know Erika from To D.I.Y. For Daily and checking out the cute, approachable sewing, home & baking projects she has on her site.  You should definitely check out her site, like, right now.  Erika is awesome, a real modern day super-woman, finding time to have a blog, sew/crochet/create crafty goodness and bake all while having a super-fun sounding job in fashion and raising 3 kiddos under 6 with her husband.  Wow! Told you she was awesome.

So for my new friend Erika, I made a wreath, with some of the colors she had talked about using as inspiration, and hopefully sunny enough to ward away some of the cold days that New Jersey has been experiencing lately.

I love the way the grapevine wreath turned out.  I used a deep blue yarn, as a throwback to Erika's love of crocheting and then added some whimsical flowers found from Michaels to add a pretty Spring touch.  And since no warm welcome is complete without a hearty hello, I painted a small turquoise plaque and adorned it with a glittery Hi.

I also packed in some fun new crafting supplies that I hope Erika has fun with.  I almost kept these myself, everything I found was so cute.  But starting from the left, I included some pastel easter mustache stickers for the kids (or adults!), felted hearts, mason jars toppers in cute patterns that can be personalized, some Martha Stewart love in the form of these pretty paper flower stickers, washi tape in sewing designs, and because I thought she needed a taste of the south, some rope ribbon & a vintage-feeling Texas magnet.

I hope that Erika has fun with all of her new crafting goodies!  Click here to see what she gave me!


  1. LOVE the wreath :) What a thoughtful package! Thank you for participating in PP!

  2. Thanks Jaime! It was so much I just need to make a similar wreath for MY house :)

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