Monday, September 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Donuts!

Alot of Saturday mornings I wake up craving sweet, fluffy donuts.  I don't know what it is about donuts that just makes me happy.  I think sprinkles have alot to do with it.  Since moving into our neighborhood, we've found a cute little shop that has delicious varieties.  So, we indulge quite often.  Not so bad on the pocketbook, but definitely not great for the hips.

A few weeks ago, I saw a simple, tasty sounding baked donut recipe from Joy the Baker.  While I'm sure they're not fat or carb free, the idea of baked donuts at home sounded like a great, healthy-ish idea.  Last week, while browsing around Bed, Bath & Beyond, using up the last of our wedding gifts cards, I spied a cute little donut pan.  I just couldn't resist picking one up.

I followed Joy the Baker's recipe to the letter, and it can be found here.  The donuts came out airy & soft....most similar to a cake style donut.  And the chocolate glaze was spot-on similar to your favorite shop's.  We went with traditional toppings, sprinkles & chopped peanuts.  They were satisfying & low effort enough that we will definitely be making these again.  Probably next weekend. 

What I'd Change Next Time: I think next time I'll use half the amount of nutmeg, as it was a little too much for our taste.  I also think that replacing the nutmeg with cinnamon or doing half & half would be good as well.  For variety, I also want to play around with a vanilla glaze & maybe something a little zingy like lemon.  And there are a million toppings you could try.

The hardest part of the entire process was waiting for the chocolate glaze to dry.  It takes 30 minutes!  But definitely a necessary evil.

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