Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Cool Drink on Warm Day: Spending March with TrailerFoodDiariesCookbook, Austin Edition, Vol. 3

Through the entire month of March, I've been trying out recipes from Trailer Food Diaries latest Cookbook,Austin Edition, Volume 3 published by The History Press & loving every bite of it.  Yesterday, we celebrated St. Paddy's Day by making up some Guac N Roll Mint Limeade.

The recipe called for making your own mint simple syrup, which I had never done before, but found incredibly easy.  We had quite a bit leftover, so I see lots of Mint Limeade, Mojitos & other delectable drinks in our near future.  And you got to mix everything in a drink shaker, which was so fun & a little bit of a workout (bonus!).  We received a really nice, large drink mixer as a wedding gift & Mint Limeade, was the perfect excuse to break it in.

The combo of cool mint with the not too tart, not too sweet lime punch of this recipe was incredibly tasty.  After serving this up to my husband & his cousin, they kept repeating the word refreshing & this Mint Limeade is truly that.  It'll be an amazing thirst quencher come Summer.  

And it was just the right thing to add to a little Irish whiskey to celebrate this March holiday!  Really, I couldn't think of any liquors this yummy Mint Limeade wouldn't be right with.  Rum for mojitos & tequila for a twist on a margarita would both also be amazing.

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