Tuesday, March 25, 2014

20 Minutes to Pasta Night: Spending March with TrailerFoodDiariesCookbook, Austin Edition, Vol. 3

Through the entire month of March, I've been trying out recipes from Trailer Food Diaries latest Cookbook,Austin Edition, Volume 3 published by The History Press & loving every bite of it.  To start our week off on a delicious note, yesterday, we made Pecan Pesto from Regal Ravioli.

Weeknight meals are  always a struggle.  Andrew & I get home from work & neither of us are ever energetic enough to pull off an intricate dinner.  Often, it's some version of a sandwich or quesadilla, or if I remembered to put meat in the fridge that morning to defrost, something grilled or roasted.  I thought that Regal Ravioli's Pecan Pesto sounded like a great quick weeknight dinner, & I was right!  It was perfectly comforting & not too heavy & was so easy to put together.  The longest step in the recipe is waiting for the water to boil!  The recipe does call for roasted garlic (which I adore in anything) which can take a few minutes, but I roasted a head on Sunday night, stored it in the fridge till we were ready to use & it came out great.    

I also love that the recipe featured one of my favorite foods as a Texan, pecans!  We used nuts from my parents trees & they added a lot to the unique flavor of this pesto.  Overall, this was everything we could ask for on a Monday.  With a pasta pot & a food processor, we had a super-fresh, tasty, satisfying & even elegant meal in 20 minutes.  And it was meatless!  Double-score for a Monday.

We are starting a herb garden in our house & I am so glad that we got basil seeds, so we can keep making this tasty sauce!    

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