Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unexpectedly Delicious: Red Pepper & Mushroom Steak Sauce

I haven't been shopping in a week or two.  This means, we have a bunch of random odds & ins in the fridge & there's a pretty good chance the fruits & veggies that we do have are not in good shape.

So last night, I grabbed the steak that had been marinating all day with balsamic vinegar & rosemary out of the fridge to grill outside, along with a couple of strips of bacon to start rendering....because I knew I had kale in the fridge.  Perfect for a quick sauté with onions.

I got all the way to bacon rendered & onions sautéed before I realized the kale had seen better days.  It was limp & wilted; definitely not appetizing.  After a moment that can only be described as 'damn!' I rummaged around & found a couple of veggies that were still edible...a package of white mushrooms & a red pepper.

Hmm.  I didn't know how they'd be with the balsamic/rosemary steak, but I didn't have alot of options at this point.

The pepper got chopped into small strips & the mushrooms got de-stemmed & sliced thin.  I added a drizzle of olive oil to the bacon/onion mix, & threw the peppers in.  After they cooked down a little I added the mushrooms & let them cook down quite a bit.  Then I added a healthy pour of red wine to get up all the good bits that had developed on the bottom of the pan.  I let it simmer & bubble at medium high heat for maybe 10 minutes.  While I drank the rest of the glass of wine.  Because I don't like to let things go to waste.

I could not have been more surprised when it turned out great!  We topped our sliced mid-rare grilled steak with the red pepper mushroom mix & it was so good.  I mean tasty enough to have again & again.  And maybe again.  The red wine 'sauce' pair really well with the balsamic & rosemary flavor of the steak.  And the veggies were cooked down just enough to kind of melt in your mouth without being too mushy.  

Lesson learned: just because it's not planned, doesn't mean it can't be wonderful.  Have you ever had any 'damn!' cooking moments that ended up delicious?

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